Petite Fleur.

Paper, not picked. Customisable Blooms for every occasion. Handmade gifts from the heart that last a lifetime.

Petit Pots


These lovely blooms are potted in little DIY-ed Kraft paper pots.  I wanted to keep them small so that they can be box0shipped by normal mail.

And... who would expect to receive flowers in an unsuspecting box, right?

Petit Bouquets

If you choose a Holder-type card to go with your Petit Bouquet, you have the option of attaching a small "easel" to the back of the card to allow

your flower card to stand on it's own.

Alternatively, you may request to have them "potted" in a Kraft paper pot.

Bunches of Flowers

Please note:

If you are ordering multiple bouquets to be sent to multiple locations, kindly check out individually or contact me for a custom listing.

Request for a custom order

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